Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We do not have anything exciting to blog. Homeschooling is going well, with "A" in 3rd grade and "B" almost done with Kindergarten. I thought she'd be done by now and well into first grade, but we are moving a little slower with her than "A" - it's just easier to balance that way. I always thought we'd try to make homeschooling fun, but really it's just as hard as school outside the home because we actually do "school at home". Oh well. Maybe it will be easier and more fun when "A" stops resisting and insisting she needs help with every little thing just to get me to sit next to her while she does it. There are 2 other children in this house and a whole house that doesn't clean itself, but she doesn't care - it's outside the realm of third grade mentality. She just knows that she wants attention and mom isn't giving it to her. I guess we are still figuring out how to balance and disseminate attention for each one.

I just received info from the U of I Extension Office about chick hatching in 2009. There is also a butterfly and sewing program (not sewing butterflies - 2 separate programs.) I'll have to figure out which activities we will do in 2009!