Monday, May 18, 2009

New Blog

Obviously, I haven't updated this blog lately. There is nothing exciting and I don't like to just recap our day. So many days are just plain frustrating between never being caught up on all the things to do, the normal parent-child struggles, and not having enough time to do anything else. No one wants to read all that - it's probably your life too.

Yes, we do have fun and happy days, too, but it's nothing out of the ordinary. There are some amusing things that I would love to blog - like one day about a year ago. Child B took apart the cash register at our local Walmart Pharmacy. In about 25 seconds. They couldn't check anyone out and had no idea how to put it back together. We sneaked out of there. FAST.

Or the times that she's locked the door at Taco Bell. No one noticed until some college kids were trying to get in.

I won't tell you yet about the dentist appointment last Thursday - it's too fresh in my mind and I might cry. But I will say that at one point she crossed her name off the patient list and took off out the door. I caught her halfway through the parking lot. That was just the first time she took off during the appointment...

Today she walked up to a lady in the grocery store and said, "Hi, Pretty Chinese Lady." The lady, based on her clothing, was Indian (Middle-eastern Indian, not Native American Indian). {Sigh}

She keeps me busy.

So, until I have some other exciting educational project to post, come visit me over at My Child's View. It's new. It's cute. It's funny (hopefully). And it won't just be about Child B. I will try to keep it light and not use it as a place to vent.

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kg said...

Oh, man... I've heard a little about the dental visit (from the Mr.'s fb page)... I had no idea she ran out in the parking lot!! :-( How stressful. OK, I'm off to check out the new blog...