Monday, October 12, 2009

4-H Fair Project #2: Photography: Focal Point

The second fair project never got posted, so it's about time we took care of that. It was a photography project and the emphasis was on focal point. The pictures were taken at Brookfield Zoo.

A was so nervous when she went for judging, but we worked together on preparing her notes that she would take with her. She had to be prepared for various questions and if she was not prepared or was unable to answer a question about her technique, tools used, what she learned, or what she'd do differently next time, then she would be lowered one ribbon color. She was relieved that the judges were kind and one of the judges was a first-time judge, so they were nervous together.

She won a blue ribbon for each project. Because of her age, she did not qualify for competition in the state fair, so blue was the highest level she could have received. We were so proud of her and now she knows what to expect for next year.

A couple weeks ago, she was very surprised to receive a check in the mail for around $15 for her participation. We had no idea there was a monetary award, so that was a pleasant bonus for her endeavor! Will that be motivation to enter more projects next year? We'll have to wait and see.


Catherine Anne said...

Love 4-H. Great post~

Christine said...

Congatulations! Thanks for your comment.