Tuesday, May 6, 2008

DAY 13: Sunday, April 26, 2008

Temperature Range: 100
Turned the eggs: 2 times – 1:30 pm, 10:30 pm
Water added today: No

Today just hasn’t been a good day to take care of the eggs. I forgot to turn them this morning and so did everyone else. I have felt really crummy – chills, strong stomach cramps, etc. I’ll spare you more details. Knowing that I have eggs we’ve been handling, I looked up Salmonella poisoning. Oh my gosh, I hope I don’t have it. The strong stomach cramps and a few other symptoms are the key characteristics, which I do have. I’m drinking lots of fluid to stay hydrated because that is the biggest danger. Even if I have it, I can’t guarantee it’s from the eggs – we’ve been many places in the past couple days where food-handling could have played a role: a banquet hall Friday night and a Kane County Cougars baseball game last night. It’s supposed to last 4-7 days, so let’s wait and see. We’ve been so diligent about hand-washing! Uh… that sweater I put the eggs in for candling… I haven’t washed it but I’ve worn it several times since it’s been cool in the afternoons and evenings. Maybe I cross-contaminated myself from the pockets? Uh-oh.

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