Monday, May 5, 2008

Setting up the Incubator

Weekend of April 12-13, 2008
It’s time to set up the incubator and be sure it works. We should have done this long ago – nothing like waiting until the last minute in this family…

It’s all hooked up and the thermometer is gently resting on the floor of it so we can try to get it to stay at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I never really learned to convert to Celsius, but this has been a learning opportunity for me to commit it to memory – in a simplified way. This is not a super-accurate conversion, but it’s close and simple enough for if we need to do it! C=(F*2)+30 or F=(C-30)/2. I’m excited to be in my mid-30s and not brain-dead!

In order to adjust the temperature, there is a little tiny stick-of-a-knob that should be turned no more than a quarter-turn every few hours. It is very touchy. If the temperature varies more than 1 degree above or below 100, the growth of the chicks can be inhibited. No pressure, right?

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