Tuesday, May 6, 2008

DAY 19: Sunday, May 4, 2008

Well, again, nothing like waiting until the last minute. It’s Day 19 and we need our Brooding Box set up. I bought the thermometer and the litter and cleaned out an old guinea pig cage… man was that thing filthy after being outside all winter. After washing it thoroughly with soap and water, I sprayed it with a diluted bleach-water solution. It sat in the sun all afternoon to dry. Then we wrapped a taken apart cardboard box around it, taped it together with Gorilla tape and put the work lamp on top of the cage with a 60 watt bulb in it. The thermometer is hanging inside; now let’s see how warm it gets. We need the inside to be around 95 degrees.

Well, it looks like we got the box set up in the nick of time! At 11:00 PM, there is an outward crack in the shell!

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